Thursday, November 26, 2015

11/26/15-First Vandwelling Thanksgiving

I always say, "Every day above ground not drooling is a great day." That was especially true today. Here are some pics of my first Thanksgiving as a fulltime vandweller, and definitely my first Thanksgiving in the desert.

I missed my family and close friends today, but I had a great time getting to know wonderful people better. Pups too! This is Bryce, our host. He provided our awesome turkey #1. James, Kyndal and Bob provided a deep fried turkey, but I forgot to take pics. Sure would have enjoyed seeing the drop. I hear James was decked out in head-to-toe flame retardant gear.

Camera check.

Fred and Michael waiting for their turn in the food line.

The food line. I think this is about half of us.

Cody, Bob's dog, snagged a drumstick. The GoPro on his back will let Bob know how. Too funny!

Yesterday I attended a jewelry class. Yes, a jewelry class - in the middle of the desert. The instructor, Cheri, was very patient with me. She even let me hang out after everyone was gone so I could finish. Thank you, Cheri! And she made my clasp for me. So sweet. So is her dog, Tony.

As I walked home from the class yesterday, I snapped a pic of Bryce flying his kite. This is also where we had the Thanksgiving gathering today. It looked a bit different with all the people and rigs. Thanks again Bryce!

I am grateFULL, and we had a blessed, wonderful day. I hope you and yours did too.


  1. so happy for you that you had this wonderful thanksgiving. I love the Vandwelling Thanksgivng.. has a ring to it. you are blessed with all those friends

    1. Madsnapper! I am so thrilled that you are my first person to comment on this blog. Thank you for hopping over! And yes, I am very, very blessed. Although, I could do with some of your sunny winter weather. The desert gets colds at night! But the sun will be back soon. :)) Thanks again for hanging here Sandra. It means a lot to me - especially since you've been with me since my first blog! Love from my home to yours, db&n

  2. Very nice. Glad it is working out so well for you.

  3. Well, I was with you on your 1st blog, and now I'm with you here too! Soon, I will be with you in person!! Wonder what kind of trouble 2 internet friends can get into when they finally meet, and get to camp together!! So proud of you Debra!

    1. Thank you, John, BlackSheep - for the kind words and for hopping over to my new blog! Awesome! Safe travels getting here my longtime blogger friend. Looking forward to meeting you in person soon!


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