Monday, November 30, 2015

11/30/15-A Lot of Firsts In Quartzsite

We will leave Quartzsite tomorrow and head to new campgrounds outside of Ehrenberg. Quartzsite grew on me, and I will miss it. I am also looking forward to seeing what my new backyard looks like. The pic above was my view as I drank my morning coffee. Aren’t they adorable? I will try to take a similar pic from our new home site. I think it will be fun to compare.

I had a lot of firsts while camped here.

It was my first time to see the town of Quartzsite. It is an eclectic gathering of peeps, including the town’s naked bookstore owner. Nope, not kidding. Bare to the bones except for a sock. He has a FB page (here), and that's as close as I've been.

It was my first time to see Seguaro cacti up close & personal. Click (here) for facts on this beautiful, ancient cactus.

 First time to see and gather quartz stones...

First chance in decades to get a hug from my friend Tracy that lives in Santa Barbara, but came to Quartzsite to see me. Thanks again Tracy and Johnny! Love!

First time to see the Goodyear Blimp in person, even if it was high in the sky, far away.

First time to find BLM land on my own – even though my van couldn’t get to it. Ha!

After singing karaoke (for the first time in 30 years & 2nd time in my life!), I also line danced for the first time at Silly Al’s Pizzaria with Kyndal & James, Enigmatic Nomadics. Click (here) to read their blog post on Silly Al's, and (here) to watch their videos. You two are the best. Thank you for being willing to move tables 3x(!) for me, and for not losing it when I still had to use earplugs. HugZ!

The furbabies and I found a bush in the middle of the desert that was completely surrounded by sea shells and shell fossils. Hmmm, that's a first, but I think something is afoot. Ha!

I continued practicing Yin Yoga on my own – which is a first even though we began the classes in Sedona. Sorry, you don’t get a pic of me doing poses (grin), but here’s a pic of Bentley watching me do a session. That's our home on the hill above him.

I enjoyed cooking breakfast with Kyndal, the sausage queen, and our host, Bryce, the waffle king. That makes me an eggie, I guess (smile). I scrambled 54 eggs and had breakfast with about 20 neighbors - definitely a first. Sweet! Please go to Kyndal's blog post (here) for more great tales and pics from this day.

We had a memorial for one of our fallen caravan members. We miss you Bear, 2010-2015. Love you Cindy and Roger!

Several of us took a jewelry class and I made jewelry for the first time ever (a bracelet); plus we had a huge Thanksgiving dinner in the desert. There are pics on my last blog post, here, and a great video (here). Who knew Thanksgiving while vandwelling in the desert was even possible?!? I sure didn’t. Love it!

And for whatever reason, we were interviewed by 2 different film crews. Both are doing pieces on RV/Vandwellers, and they came to our camp (different days) because they have been tracking Bob through his book (paperback or kindle), and his website. Note: If we get links to their aired pieces, I’ll publish them in a future post.

Al Jazeera TV came out first. Here is a picture of the producer and reporter with Bob. (Thanks for the photo Al.) That’s my van way in the back. They interviewed many of us, but their airtime will reportedly be only about 2-3 minutes or so. It will be interesting to see their final cut. I hope we get that opportunity. (From a Google search: “Al Jazeera Media Network is headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Al Jazeera is an Arabic news and current affairs satellite TV channel.”)

Next we had a French film crew stay with us for a few days. They too interviewed many of us. Their piece will be a long-term documentary that will air in France sometime next year. Lars and Michel (Meeshell) were the nicest guys! They left to fly back to Paris the day after Thanksgiving. They were looking forward to getting back home to their family and friends. I feel bad. I forgot to offer them best wishes and blessings for their recovering city.

During my interview, Lars shared that his father-in-law has the same kind of seizures and symptoms as me. We talked about some of the tools that help with my TBI – magnetic boards with lists and reminders, keeping everything in the same place at all times, using a walking stick when needed, buying the same groceries every time, NO multi-tasking, keeping everything simple and the noise level low, and support systems in place to help with the things I can no longer do, etc., etc. I hope it helped. It would be nice to think I can give something back after all I have received. We exchanged emails and I hope we stay in touch.

Here is a picture of the van they rented while staying with us. They got it in LA. Gotta love California! Isn't it cool? That's a tent on top that folds out and stays on the roof. That's where they slept.

The caravan won’t be back to Quartzsite until January, and I will once again experience more first-time adventures, such as:

The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR), 1/5-19/2016
An annual gathering created by Bob Wells. Click (here) to read more about the event on his website, or (here) to go to the FB Event page.

The 33rd Annual Sports, Vacation and RV Show, 1/16-24/2016
Billed as the zip code with the world’s largest gathering of RVs, it takes Quartzsite from a sleepy little ghost town (almost) to a sweltering population of 750,000-1M in a month with approximately 150,000 RVs and vehicles, plus vendors. You can click (here) for more information. These are a few pics I plucked from the internet - just to give you an idea. Holy moly!

The second event is definitely out for me - way too crowded. I'm hoping to make the RTR though. I want to support Bob, and I want to learn from those teaching classes at the RTR, and I look forward to meeting more wonderful people. We’ll have to wait and see how I'm doing next year. Today, all is well, and I am grateful.


  1. life sounds exciting these days, the sweet pups look lost in that vast desert background. they look happy though...

    1. Hi Sandra, I hope they are happy. They seem to be and are my number one priority. Life is awe-mazing. :))

  2. Lovely blog and I enjoyed meeting you last week. I'm looking forward to return ing to quartzsite as well

    1. Thank you, Diane! Q & RTR will be great. See you down the hill here soon.


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