Sunday, December 6, 2015


We went for a long walk this morning, and I was thinking about a hateful comment posted on my FB page. It was very disheartening, and I felt sad. Sometimes, we humans get so worked up over events, people, places or things, that we forget we are but a speck in this universe and that our time here is but a nanosecond on the eternal timeline. How can we possibly think something is so important that it is okay to be cruel or think of ourselves as separate from one another and all that is? It was a good reminder for me..... We are One.

I kept walking, and walking, and walking. When I took the pic above, we were on a high ridge and I could hear nothing but the wind. That gave me the opportunity to stop, still my mind, and experience how vast it is out here. And that helped me remember this next pic which, ironically, is from FB (several years ago, source unknown).

I began allowing the sadness to burn off and replaced it with love and gratitude. Eventually I was able to also love and appreciate the person that posted the discriminating comment. In my contemplation, I was reminded that everyone has the right for their feelings and needs to be heard. It was quite an experience to fully realize just how small we are, individually and collectively, and at the same time feel the great peace that comes with connection to Oneness - the great "I am" that is all there is. In that, we are each unlimited and powerful. And, there can be only love.

I turned around to head back home and in the distance I could see our campsite. For now, there are 7 rigs here: 7 people and 3 dogs. The rest of the caravan is camped down the hill in various places. In the pic below, my van is circled with a heart. The closest rig to me happens to be one of the largest rigs in our caravan (black arrow). If you click and zoom in on the pic, you might be able to tell that the other visible rig is a Prius (blue arrow). The dots in the distance were final reminders for me of vastness and Oneness.

Whatever you drive, or don't; Whatever you believe, or don't; Wherever you may be in this vast universe, I hope you know you are loved. And yes, even when you spew ugly, you matter. We all matter. ALL of us. We are One. Namaste.


  1. Thank you. I have a great deal of trouble forgiving those who hurt me... and I am trying to do better with this in the future. Your words help.

    1. Thank you for sharing this Swankie! I have found too that sometimes the surprise gift of forgiveness is how healing it is for the forgiver. Not always easy, but def worrh it. I look forward to meeting you soon. HugZ, d

  2. i love the first pic of pups in the vastness of our world. Facebook is not one of my favorite things and i see people fighting and hurting each other in front of the world. glad to hear you are walking and are doing so well in your caravan life

    1. Thank you, MadSnapper. Yes, could do without FB except that's how I stay in touch with distant family & friends.


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