Monday, December 7, 2015

12/7/15-Sunday Goodness

Most days end with us sitting around a campfire - even if we don't light a fire. Thanks to Colvin, we had a great fire Saturday night.

Sunday morning, we began the day with a group breakfast. Thank you Bryce for hosting yet another great get together. He cooks up a mean sausage gravy (yum) with biscuits cooked in the grill (perfection). Thank you Barbara for cooking the delicious eggs, and thank you Michael for the groceries that made it all possible!

Michael, James, Kyndal & Colvin

Barbara (& Chloe), Fred & Ray
Bob brought Cody too.

Cody and Nonni love playing together. All dogs were on leash so it was such fun to see them playing - even in standing formation. They wrestled several times for quite awhile but unfortunately my video is only a few seconds long because my phone ran out of memory. You can still tell they were enjoying themselves. Nothing ferocious here!

That afternoon, Fred fixed the locks on my doors. They were whacky. I had to lock the doors from the outside with a key, and then they wouldn't unlock from the inside! I don't know what they used to haul in this van, but it must have been valuable for them to remove the manual locks. Also, as you can see, the tint on the windows is almost black and they have grid iron protection. With my locks fixed, I'm now super safe and sound. Thank you, Fred!!

Almost every night we enjoy beautiful sunsets. With good company, good food, and doors secure, I enjoyed wonderful slumber.

And this is the view I wake up to every morning. Life is good, always.


  1. my thanks to Fred to for fixing your locks. that is really important. loved the dogs playing, and it sounds windy in the video. looks like a fun group and of course that sunset is amazing

    1. Hi Sandra, yes - getting the locks fixed was huge! I'll give Fred your thanks. It is very windy here most all of the time. Sometimes gusts are 50mph - wowza! Every night the sunsets melt my heart - very amazing. HugZ!


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