Thursday, January 21, 2016

1/21/16-A Death March to the Petroglyphs

There are ancient petroglyphs and Indian grinding holes SW of Quartzsite. Several of us went to see them this past Saturday before going to the RTR Soup Dinner. It took us awhile to narrow in on them, but we eventually found them.

A huge thanks to Bryce, our trusted friend, driver, and tour guide for the day. We all joked around about it being a 2 hour, 5-6 mile death march, but it was worth every step.

Dave and Heather were there too. What a cute couple!

And Terry was our photographer for the day which means, unfortunately, I don’t have any pics of her during our outing so I am borrowing one from a previous post and blowing it up. That will teach her for trying to be sneaky. Ha!

The pics of us pointing are hilarious to me. See Dave hanging his head in this next one? That’s because we originally went the wrong way. It’s okay Brycee – there’s nothing wrong with that! (an inside joke)

A guy in an ATV came by on our original route and when Dave asked him if he knew where the petroglyphs were, his response was, “Nowhere near here.” We all cracked up, and the ATV headed off on his way to wherever he was going.

By then Bryce had us turned in the right direction, and all was well. We just kept walking. Soon, the ATV guy came back to tell us we only had another mile or so to go. It really was worth it. Just look at these drawings!

On the next rock over there are amazing Indian grinding holes.

It saddened me a great deal to see the damage being done to this prehistoric site. It is hard for me to fathom that the State of Arizona, and/or the BLM, are not doing anything to protect this treasure. There is graffiti on the petroglyphs rocks (what is wrong with people?!?), and trash filling some of the Indian grinding holes.

Here we are making our way back down to the trail.

And along the way back to the truck, we even found a cave. Don’t worry. I didn’t go in. I really wanted to, but didn’t.

We walked for another mile or so and as we came up from a wash, I looked to the left and immediately yelled, “BRYCE!”

I pointed again. Look for the truck in the following pic. Can you see it? It’s the small dot WAY off in the distance. We were going the wrong way .... again!

We all laughed. We actually did pretty good since the site is out in the middle of nowhere with no markings or defined trail. Thanks again Bryce - none of us would have ever found it on our own. And, it really didn't matter. It was a beautiful day for a walk and it was a great outing. A great day spent with wonderful new friends – laughing, in nature, and seeing the sites. Awesomeness!
NOTE: Click (here) for a list of sites to see while in Quartzsite. It includes our jaunt, but be warned - it is not as easy to get to as they make it sound. ;))


  1. It was a fun day. Sorry about the long hike.

    1. It was epic & awesome Bryce. 👏 Wouldn't have missed it for the world. 👍 Thank you! 🙏

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  3. i am glad you could see all this and make that long hike. that is a true improvment.. looks like a lot of fun in an interesting place.

    1. Thank you, Sandra. Me too! And yes, a major improvement. Vandwelling affords me a lot of peace and quiet that allows me to do more... an interesting dichotomy. ;))


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