Thursday, February 18, 2016

2/18/16-Van Interior v4

My last post was a celebration of my 4 months on the road. It has been an awe-mazing adventure with so many surprises. I’ve even been in 5 videos! Well, I suppose more accurately, my van has been in 5 videos. Ha!

I took the pic above after Bob filmed the 5th video. He wanted to showcase the new layout in response to requests posted after he and James built my bed. You can see the video by Enigmatic Nomadics of the bed being built (here). When the video of the van’s interior is published, I’ll share that link as well.

In the meantime, here are pics of my remodeled van – none of which would have happened without Bob and the RTR caravan of wonderful people – many that have become good friends.

I began this journey sleeping on an air mattress on the floor. It was such a pain to break it down each morning and air it back up each night. Plus I had to move everything around – every time, twice a day. I LOVE MY BED!

In the pic above you can see my current Mr. Buddy heater. There is a video (here) where Bob showcases my original heater configuration which was the small Mr. Buddy heater. Bob does a comparison of all the heaters in a wonderful blog post (here). But for me, it turns out I needed more heat than the small one provided so I bought a used heater from Bob, and a new large propane tank. I put it in a milk crate purchased at Home Depot, bought a 2nd crate and turned it upside down over the tank, and then put the heater on top of that. The hose comes out through the crate handle. It all fits perfectly and is very stable. The legs of the heater fit snuggly into the crate openings, and it is a safe height for my dogs.

I owe a huge thank you to Bob for helping me get heat in my van. I naively set out thinking that we would travel with the weather and wouldn’t need heat. He not only helped me figure out 2 different systems, he also came to my rescue when there were hiccups. For example, the first system with the small green bottles kept leaking. We never could figure that one out. Then when I bought a large tank, the first one was defective. Rain or shine, Bob was there for me and helped me figure it all out. I am grateful. It turns out that heat in the winter, even in the desert, is a very good thing. Derrr. I think I gave new meaning to the word newbie.

On the other side of my bed, behind the driver panel, is all my stuff. When Bob originally built my bed, he tried his best to get me to move it all the way to the back, against the rear doors. I didn’t get the concept at the time, only to end up moving it later (thanks to Colvin). This is a wonderful layout!

From left to right:
(1)            toiletries, household supplies, first aid & dog supplies
(2)            clothes & linen
(3)            electronics & pantry
Stored underneath are small propane bottles, water (9 gallons) and shoes.

To the left of my bed, by the side doors, is the kitchen. Bob built the kitchen stand for me a few weeks after they finished the bed. Originally it was between the bed and the rear doors. The only problem (again, my doing) was that to reach the supplies, I had to stand outside to cook. Now I can have early morning coffee and cook, regardless of the weather. Sweet!

The teapot was Dad's. Love!
 Here is a pic from the rear of the van.

Moving the bed to the back also allowed me to store the solar panel at the back. The panel is the black suitcase on the left in the pic. Having it near the door makes solar setup so easy! We were also able to move the AGM battery to the back by the doors, under the bed. Fellow traveler, Lou (thank you!), added cable length to my system and rebuilt the battery clips to strengthen them. It is all working perfectly. Thank you Will for selling the system to me! And the bed was built in a way that allowed for a perfect nook to hold the battery securely. Thank you, Bob! You can see the video of my solar system (here). And (here) is a link to Bob's very informative FAQ blog post on solar.

The silver suitcase on the right is a Coleman aluminum folding table – compliments of Bob and a fellow traveler that no longer wanted it – another blessing. When I have my outside camp set up it sits on a beautiful outdoor mat with hearts and puppy paw designs that was given to me by Bryce (thank you!). The mat is also gray and white so it all looks really cool. I’ll try to get an outdoor pic soon.

Here is a pic of my wonderful home from the front seat.

All of this is v4 and plans are underway for v5. Stay tuned!


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    1. Thank you Analisa! Big hugZ to you girl. ❤️

  2. Thanks for sharing, this looks great :)

    So happy for you,


  3. I've been looking at van dwelling the last couple of weeks & think of you. I want a van to travel a bit for different reasons...sometimes just overnight here & there, but live in Arlington still. I've just got some things I want to do. Soooo....we shall see what Universe has in store....yeeehaaawww. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. BTW: Its Amy. Not sure why I'm showing as unknown.

    2. Hi Amy! I just saw this! Good for you girl! Let me know how it goes, OK? Much love, d

  4. I watched the movie and loved hearing you talk and seeing you and love the area you were in while building the bed. so beautiful. what a great idea and what a blessing to have him build it for you... great way to organize and my favorite thing i see in your van is that tea pot and the burner it is sitting on.. my kind of kitchen since i despise cooking.

    1. That's so funny Sandra! I would never have known you didn't like to cook because so many of your photos are taken in your kitchen. That tea pot brings me joy and reminders of my dad every day. It's one of my fav things in the van. Yes, I have been blessed by Bob and this community from day one. Awe-mazing people. :))


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