Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2/22/16-Feeling Badass

Sometimes FB throws features at us that, for me, can be a nuisance. At first, I thought the “memories” feature was going to be just that – a nuisance – something else to skip over or scroll through. But as it turns out, I have thoroughly enjoyed the trips down memory lane.

For example, I would never have remembered it was 4 years ago I met Glenn in person for the first time. You can follow the link to that blog post (here).

One might ask, “What does that have to do with the dust bowl picture above?”

Good question! It’s all part of celebrating today – an anniversary of meeting Glenn when this dream was an embryo in 2012, and doing the deal today – loving life while vandwelling in 2016.

I left Lake Havasu City, AZ early this morning to head for Texas. While in Texas I will take care of some unfinished business, see family and friends, and (ugh) doctors. Those close to me have been concerned about me making the drive by myself, but deadlines are in play so off I go. In spite of my fears. 

And, while I may be driving alone, I am certainly not making this trip by myself. I continually check in with Colvin, and I send my tribe text messages and location updates daily. The route is well planned out and it is straight highway driving – all plugged in to Siri and she tells me where to turn and how much further I have to go. Very easy breezy....

Except for the winds today.

They were reportedly 20-30mph with gusts up to 40-50mph. It was crazy, and the dust storms were incredible! If you look closely at the picture above you will note that the mountains on the horizon are almost obliterated. As I went through Tucson they had traffic signs saying that visibility was less than a mile. The nice thing about it was that everyone was driving very calmly and slowly. I call it Debra speed. It helped, but it was all white knuckle, two-fisted driving – all day.

In addition to the dust storms, I saw many other crazy things today. A crow (or maybe a raven) flew across the highway only to have the wind slam it back in to the side of an 18-wheeler, right in front of me. Poor thing. It was a very sad thing to see. I also saw a small car get blasted by 5 tumbleweeds. What are the odds? They swerved radically. I was very glad no one was next to them. I was a few car lengths back. Then later, at a gas station, one lady couldn’t get out of her car. She had parked at the end pumps and the wind would not let her open her door. She finally moved to the interior pumps. And a woman walking in to that same store with her young son had to pick him up because he kept getting blown down. Crazy, crazy wind.

So why am I celebrating?

Because I did it!!!! It took everything I had, and every ounce of concentration I could muster, but I drove through the wind and the dust storms and am now parked at a safe, nice rest area for the night. We (the furbabies and I) got here just before dark so I was able to give them a nice walk – even though a gust made poor Bentley stumble. My furbabies are such troopers.

We did it. We got in the van, secured the doors (Thanks again Fred!), and pulled the curtains for complete privacy.

Thank you to everyone that has helped me with the setup of my van!

And if you will allow me to be smug – we are snug as a bug in a rug. From inside the comforts of home, I fed the dogs and cooked myself a nice dinner of hot chicken noodle soup, and began to relax. I was able to do so even though right behind me there are a LOT of 18-wheelers. Right next to me, two of them are running refrigerator units which means my van is rumbling. On the other side of them is the very busy highway which means there is a lot of traffic noise. On the opposite side of the rest area is a very busy railroad. When the trains go by it feels like we are in an earthquake, and the whole time the wind is still howling. The van is literally rocking.

Here’s the deal –

It may be rockin & rollin outside, but inside – life is calm, quiet and peaceful. My dogs are already snoring and I will sleep like royalty tonight. Plus, thanks to Colvin and the last round of modifications, I can get set up – complete with a heater and a stove – in less than 15 minutes. It will take me the same amount of time (or less) to get ready to roll in the morning. That makes everything stress free.

I can do this life because of all the help I've received, and because it allows me to take care of myself – at my pace. I will rest well tonight, take my time in the morning, and tomorrow I will drive at my leisure – stopping when I need to or want to. All the while I am secure in knowing that I am loved, cared for and looked after by many, and am one with all. My heart is full beyond description. I am so grateful to so many for so much.

On top of it all, my home is incredibly beautiful to me. Yep. Life is good. Def feeling badass. I hope you are too. Sweet dreams my wonderful readers!


  1. this is great news and i hope to hear the great news when you travel back to your friends and Colvin again. i can feel the train shaking the ground just reading this.

    1. I apologize for missing this comment before, Sandra. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Yes, resting and hanging out in the forest with Colvin has been restorative. Much needed. HugZ!

  2. So awesome. And I can relate to everything you've written about on a very personal level. There's no place like home, eh?

    1. Thank you, Cyndi! You got it girl - absolutely no place like it on earth and I am so grateful to be a vandweller. HugZ and slurps to you and Stumpy from me, Nonni & Bentley. :)

  3. Its a dream of mine to makeover my mini van into a campervan


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