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4/20/16-Leaving Texas, Hord's Creek & Avalon Reservoir

Bentley loves to navigate.
After Georgetown, my original plan was to drive to Lubbock. That would be my first stop on my trek back West to meet up with Colvin. I was going to stay overnight at Camping World and stock up on some supplies while in town, but I did not make it that far. I was very tired.

I was tooling down 153 when I drove by, in the middle of nowhere, Hord’s Creek Lake campgrounds. Realizing I would not make it to Lubbock, I did a u-turn and enjoyed a beautiful campsite for the night.

I would have stayed longer than one night but there was NO cell phone or internet coverage for miles! Before it got dark, I drove back to Coleman, the nearest town, hoping to send out a group text to my tribe to let them know where I landed for the night, but the town didn’t even have a signal. I couldn’t believe it! I went inside the store and asked, and they confirmed it – no coverage within 20 miles in any direction.

I drove back to the campground. Concerned that I might worry my loved ones, I stopped at the entry booth to ask about options. Thanks to the camp hosts on duty, I ended up borrowing the Ranger’s sat phone and contacted my friend, Cathy. She then sent out a text to everyone. Thanks again Cathy! The Ranger and the camp hosts were wonderful. Here is a pic of the friendly and helpful camp hosts.

The next morning we headed out. I was excited that in just two short days, we’d be with Colvin again. Plus he was going to treat me to a tour of Carlsbad Caverns!

The furbabies and I had fun along the way, stopping often. Here is a pic of a historical marker we sent to my cousin Judy (Crews).

And here is a pic of a unique camper/trailer combo we saw during one of our gas stops.

Sorry about the dirty windshield.

Thanks to, we found a place to stay just outside Carlsbad, Avalon Reservoir. Colvin met up with us the next day, but we didn’t go to the Caverns. He checked and found out that the elevator is out of commission for repairs until May 31. I was disappointed, but always the white knight, Colvin was looking out for me. His concern was that walking down into the caverns and then back up would be too much for me on top of the Texas Tour. He got us a hotel for the night instead. Thanks hon!

By now I was already missing my friends and family that I had been so blessed to spend time with. I saw this meme on FB and it is my sentiment exactly. Love you all!

But being with Colvin, and mapping out our travel plans, got rid of any leftover blues.

Stay tuned to see where we go next!


This post only covers 3 days, and it was just me and the furbabies so I’m proud to report NO major symptoms! :))

The Rest of the Story

I felt safe at Hord’s Creek Lake. It was a U.S. Army Corps Park and as familiar to me as any State Park. The reservoir was a different story. It was the first time for me to experience remote boondocking by myself. The dogs did not get their evening walk (except around and around the van a few times, lol), and we stayed inside, but I did it! I was so proud.

The next morning, when we drove back out to meet Colvin at the highway, I felt like superwoman. If I can do this, anyone can. To you, my wonderful readers, I  say, “Live your dreams now. It is never too late. Go for it!”

Love always, d


  1. That's awesome you got to see and spend some time with friends and family, that's very important. Happy to hear you are still at it and having great experinces, that's what it is all about. Thanks for posting this. Keep on truckin!

    1. Thank you, Roger! I hope to see you guys again soon. HugZ!


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