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4/28/16-Texas Trip-Part 3, Georgetown

While I was in Georgetown, I stayed at a variety of places. I did city stealth camping – staying at the WalMart two nights, and the Pilot truck stop in Jarrell two nights. I also treated myself to a stay at Berry Springs County Park and Preserve for two nights (link below). The other two nights were spent parked at friends’ homes.

The WalMart stay was uneventful which in my book, after the incident in Graham, counts as a huge success. This time I parked near other campers and truckers. It was cold so I had to run my heater, but this time I did not put the Reflectix up on my driver or passenger door – just the front windshield. My blackout curtains cover my side doors and back doors so I had complete privacy and felt secure.

I raised some eyebrows when I chose to stay in Jarrell. It wasn’t the truck stop that concerned some of my friends as much as it was the weather. Except for a day or two, it stormed all week and we were constantly under tornado warnings, not watches. Jarrell is known as tornado alley and has had extensive damage over the years. In fact, most of the town was wiped out in 1997. But there aren’t a lot of camping options in Georgetown – at least not ones that fit my small budget. Since it was an official truck stop, I couldn’t park with the truckers, but I parked as close to the main door as was feasible and stayed under parking lot lights. It was noisy, but I felt safe. No storms hit and the furbabies and I rested well.

While in Jarrell, I was able to get an oil/filter change and I got my van inspected. I was so happy to learn that in Texas you can get the inspection done up to 90 days prior to registration renewal. Check; Done; Woohoo! It was a small shop so it didn’t take very long, and the owner let me park on the back parking lot and clean my van – inside and out. It was so nice of him! It was very convenient since he also owns the adjacent car wash: Cougar Lube and Wash. I was very grateful to be able to take all the time I needed and not have to hurry. It was perfect! After that, I stopped at the corner market and a bunch of kids came running up to pet the dogs. It freaked Nonni out a bit, but not Bentley. He’s such a ham.

Berry Springs Park is a hidden gem in Williamson County. I found it through It costs $15/night, and is well worth it. They have trails galore, resident donkeys, a fishing pond, showers, firewood and friendly staff. They have only a few sites available for overnight camping (water but no hookups), and they are spread out. During our stay the sun was shining and I couldn’t believe it, but I was the only one in the overnight area. Sweet!

It’s a great day park too. And get this! The resident park manager grew up in Goliad! It was fun reminiscing with her and learning more history about that little town I love so much.

Imagine what the park looks like when all the pecan trees are in bloom!

The trails have all kinds of tracks stamped in the concrete. Fun!

By now you may be wondering what the pic is at the top of this post. Earlier in the week, my BFF Cathy and I chose to meet for lunch at the Georgetown IHOP one day. It turns out that it was National Pancake Day! What a surprise! I’m not sure if they made that up or not, but the Shriners were there in full force, handing out beads and offering photo opps ... and yes – a short stack was indeed free. Who knew?!? I’m not sure how it worked as a fundraiser since the pancakes were free, but the signs indicated that all proceeds were going to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Thanks for taking the pic, Cathy, my camera shy friend.

The next day I got to see my cousin, Sandy. She knew this wonderful place in downtown Georgetown – all organic, health food - Nancy's Sky Garden. I thought that was appropriate since it was a healthcare week full of doctor appointments for me. Thanks Sandy! It was awesome!

In keeping with tradition, on Saturday, after all my doctor appointments and all my “business” was taken care of, the Scrapmaniacs got together at Cathy’s. I don’t scrapbook anymore, but I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. We’ve been meeting off and on for 7 years! We had such fun and ended up playing games. I couldn’t believe it! I was firing on all cylinders well enough to play games! It made me so happy. I can’t remember the names of the games, but they were similar to Pictionary and Charades. I sure do remember laughing a lot though. Such fun!

I spent the night parked at Cathy’s. It’s a good thing since I ended up having to bathe Bentley. Here is a pic of him and Nonni peering through Cathy’s back door. Can you see Bentley - the dog formerly known as white? He found their fountain. Ugh. Sorry Cathy!

The next night I drove to Bobbie’s house and enjoyed a peaceful night parked in the country. Here’s a pic of her son sitting outside with Nonni and Bentley, and another of us taking a walk while watching a beautiful sunset.

The next day, before leaving town, I got to spend some time with my other BFF, Leslie. Here’s a coinkydink for you... We both locked our keys in our vehicles that morning. LOL. Love you Leslie!


I am happy to report that I came close a few times, but I didn’t have any seizures while in Georgetown - at least not any that I remember. Ha! I think one of the things that helped is that with the exception of Scrapmaniac Saturday, I did not have any evening activities. That allowed me to have lots of quiet, solo time and get plenty of rest. Awesomeness!

I did have memory lapses for very short intervals off and on throughout the week, but that is normal for me.

I will share one funny with you. We planned it so that I would drive to Cathy’s (from Jarrell to Pflugerville) when the traffic was predicted to be light. And it was. Especially because I told Siri to avoid highways and road construction. Once again, just like in my last post, I took a very circuitous route. It took forever, but I didn’t care. There was very little traffic; it was low stress; and I could do it. I felt like Chevy Chase in European Vacation though. You know the scene – the one where he keeps circling the Eiffel Tower. Well, I did that too.

To meet my instructions, Siri kept taking me past I-35. I’d be driving along and think to myself, “Oh look. There’s I-35 again. Oh look. There it is again.” I think I crossed over or under I-35 at least 3 times. I didn’t care as long as I didn’t have to get on it. When I shared the story with the Scrapmaniacs, everyone laughed. They tried to figure out my route but we never could narrow in on it exactly. I came in through the back of Cathy’s neighborhood which was very unusual. Siri got me there though! With ease.

The Rest of the Story

While I was in the Georgetown/Austin area, I saw my PCP – not once but twice. I also got a flu shot, pneumonia shot and a shingles shot. Whew! And my doctor put me back on Aricept for Alzheimer’s. I share that because I have several people with brain injuries following this blog. He also isn’t happy with my current neurologist and wants me to see yet another one, but with my insurance the referral takes forever and that hasn’t happened yet. I’m so glad I didn’t stick around waiting for the referral to go through. I’d still be there!

I also passed on getting a mammogram – not wise, I know, but I tried. I went to the hospital lab as instructed and they were crazy, crazy busy. The lobby was extremely loud. There were crying babies everywhere and at least 3 (!) TVs were blaring. My earplugs were not effective against that onslaught. I froze in the middle of the lobby and had to will my legs to turn around and get me out of there. I thought I was going to have a seizure right then and there. I got back to the van and had to sit for over an hour before I could drive again.

I’ll try to get it done on the road – somewhere, somehow. I’m open for suggestions on how to do that. I also still need to see a dentist, and I’m not quite sure how to go about getting that done either, but I have all year to get that done.

All in all, it was a wildly successful healthcare week, and a much needed week of connection with wonderful friends. I am SO blessed. So are you my wonderful reader. Glad you're here - thanks for stopping by. KOKO!


  1. Keep on Truckin my friend,glad for you!

    1. Thank you, Joe! Hope to see you out here one day. HugZ to you, Lucky and your family!


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