Wednesday, May 18, 2016

5/18/16-Part 2, Gila National Forest, Silver City NM

Colvin and I enjoy taking off on new roads to see what we can see. Sometimes he has an idea of some things he wants to try and find, but most of the time we explore without an agenda. That was the case with what I have dubbed the “Tyrone Road Tour.” It was awesome. We’d come to a fork in the road and he’d ask me, “Right or left”. I’d choose and off we’d go.

We left our camp on Gold Gulch Road (isn’t that a great name?) and drove 7 miles. There was something different around each bend. Here’s a cow and her baby calf. I'm glad they weren't on the road. It's free range through there. I’m guessing her baby is 1-3 days old. What do you think?

They were actually on Tyrone Thompson Road and we traveled that road for another 3 miles. That may not sound like much, but when you’re on back country, dirt roads, it seems a lot further. We came to a T-intersection and then took a right on Forest Ridge Road. That’s where we came across the remains of an old rock house with timber windows.

We took a few more turns on roads that didn’t have signs and ended up finding a natural overlook with a view of the Big Burro Mountains. I had never seen anything like that and for me, it was breathtaking. Colvin said that some of the places we would visit in the future would make this one pale in comparison, but I couldn’t even imagine that. I was captivated!

I realize my “blending” job on the combined panorama photos above is abysmal, but I’ve decided until I get an actual point & shoot camera that can take panoramic views, that’s about as good as it will get. I’m spending more time trying to upgrade and blend photos than I am writing. And it seems to me my pictures never quite seem to capture what I see in person so we also took a video.

I enjoy watching this and remembering that wonderful day. I hope you enjoy it too wonderful readers (length: 24 sec).

The NE end of the Big Burro Mountains includes parts of the Continental Divide Trail.

We kept going and after all the twists and turns, in the middle of nowhere, we see this sign: Burro Mountain Homestead RV PARK!

Shortly after that we began a descent that took us past the Tyrone Mine. What you can see in the pics is just a portion of the mill tailings.

I find it interesting that Siri, Google Map, nor Garmin had any of these back roads right. It didn’t matter to us. We were enjoying the drive and were willing to turn around and go back the same way if need be, but surprisingly we actually made a huge loop right back to Hwy 90!

We were now closer to town than our camp, and Sasquatch was hungry so we headed to Silver City for dinner.

Here are some pics of beautiful flowers and plants in the area.

Is that a walking cactus?

Something likes to eat on these. Maybe rodents?

A desert mop.


In the video above, Colvin is coaching me because I was still skipping from the rough days I wrote about in my last blog post. Thank you for your patience Colvin!


In my search for the links I’ve included above, I ran across this video (click here). I have no idea who the person is that made this video, but it covers the first part of our drive down Gold Gulch Road. It is 7 minutes long, but even just a small part of it will give you an idea of our trek (sans snow).

The following meme is a good reminder. I’m getting better at it.


  1. We really like the Silver City area, too. Hope all is well with you!

    1. Hi Jim and Gayle, thank you for stopping by - here on my blog and at my camp in Alabama Hills. What a treat that was! All is well, always, nmw. Hope to see you again soon, d

  2. Truly a beautiful area Debra! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are most welcome, John. I wish my pics did it justice - glad you could see the beauty. HugZ my friend!


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