Thursday, May 26, 2016

5/26/16-Part 2, Organ Pipe National Monument, Ajo AZ

This pic is of a historic ranch house on the Alamo Canyon Trail at OPNM. I walked the trail early one morning and just love the way the sunlight is shining through the doors and window. The house is about ¾ of a mile up the trail and just beyond it are the remains of the corral. Here are some more pics of the abandoned structures in that area.

I evidently missed the remains of an older adobe structure to the left of the brick ranch house, as well as a group of grinding holes near the corral. (Note to self: Read more research before leaving camp!) You can read some of the interesting history of this ranch and former mine here.

Here are some pics of the trail.

The trail forks beyond the corral, and there is more hiking to be done up the canyon, but the following sign, placed at the end of the main trail, was enough to make me turn around and not go past the corral.

I walked the trail the first time by myself, and read the entry sign (below) after I finished the trail. Don’t ask why I read it after my hike. I have no answer. On the entry sign it has another caution:

“Cross border incursions occur. If you encounter someone or a group traveling with backpacks, bundles, or black water bottles, do not make contact.”

I couldn’t help but think that it was a good thing I had turned around at the Caution sign. Not because I felt alarm, but because I had been “traveling” with a backpack plus a bundle of layers that I had removed as it got warmer. But thank God my water bottle was BLUE!

Seriously? Black water bottles? What am I missing? The things you find in the desert just crack me up sometimes.


  1. OMW not black water bottles. he he he.... so that is how you know not to talk to people. i will remember that. i LOVE LOVE LOVE those cactus... awesome... and the house with the light in the windows is beautiful. it is about the size of most modern day bathrooms...

    1. I know, right? What is up with that? Yes, it amazes me the size of historic homes and the number of people that lived in them vs. the ones we build now (except for the tiny home movement). Of course, mine is even smaller and 3 of us live in it. ;))


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