Wednesday, May 4, 2016

5/4/16-Part One, City of Rocks SP, NM

This is what the drive looked like going to our next destination, the City of Rocks State Park, near Deming, NM.

This is what the drive in to the park looked like just a few miles later. Quite a difference!

This is the corridor to the Visitors Center. The Visitors Center belongs to a private company and is maintained by that source, but the park pays a “hefty fee” to lease it and use it. According to the Ranger I talked to (if I remember correctly), the lease is several thousand per month! I’m sure the state has worked through the numbers and presumably this is a cost effective arrangement, but as a former state employee (TX) I have my doubts. It sure was a pretty facility though – including nice showers.

The scenic historic marker at the park entrance:

Wind and water gradually sculpted the volcanic tuff at City of Rocks, creating the rows of monolithic blocks that gave this park its name. Camping/picnicking sites are tucked away among these Stonehenge-like formations and the park also features a cactus garden, hiking trails and a playground.

Each of the following views is of our first campsite. You’ll see how different each pic is, even though it is of the same site. That is one of the things I found amazing about this place – every view, even of or from the same spot – looks completely different.

Here is an example of the same rock with a completely different view after having just moved a few feet.

Here are some pics of the many different trails and coves within the City of Rocks.

And here are some of the views from those paths.

I close with this...


To track my symptoms, I sometimes use Twitter (when I remember). I got the idea after someone told me about Thomas Dixon, another TBI Thriver. Whoever you were, that sent me the info on this amazing man, THANK YOU!

According to my tweets…

3/18 – “Massive nosebleeds 3 days now. Ugh.”

3/19 – “Spoon not measuring cup. Coffee not refried beans. Eggs in pan not on counter. Oy vey.”

3/20 – “Had to google how to boil an egg. Nope. Not kidding.”

3/21 – “Major major vertigo today. 15’ sweeps. Why?!? Makes no sense.”

As of this publication, I do not remember the events above. That’s one reason why I try real hard to remember to tweet symptoms. Hopefully it will help my doctors help me one day. In the meantime, it is a good tracking tool – when I remember to use it.

The Rest of the Story

We were at City of Rocks for 5 nights. I took one long walk with the dogs, and we drove around the park once. Other than that, we rested. Both of us had a cold and Colvin’s turned into bronchitis. Plus, he was still in major recovery from his PRK eye surgery – both eyes! I can hardly believe how tumultuous the beginning of 2016 has been. We love and miss you Fred!

The rest here at City of Rocks did us both a world of good.


  1. Love reading your blog! Beautiful photos, my friend. ♡

  2. It means the world to me that you do. Thank dear one. Love you L!


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