Friday, May 6, 2016

5/6/16-Part Two, City of Rocks SP, NM

We were able to move to Colvin’s favorite spot once the weekend crowds moved out and it opened up. I can see why he likes it so much!
It was a good thing we were inside resting most of the time. The wind was really blowing.
We were nestled in just fine.

This was the view from my back door. Not a bad place to rest up, right?
We heard owls every night. It was so soothing. I was fortunate to capture a few in photos. (Click pics to enlarge.)

Sorry this one is so blurry.
It wasn’t ALL just beautiful rocks. As you’ve seen in the previous pics, there were also trees, and here are just a few of the unusual plants.

There wasn’t much to see in the Botanical Garden. I think it was either the wrong time of year, or they may just be getting it started.
While sitting at the picnic table at our campsite, you could see the entrance sign to the gardens through the rocks.
There are signs along a trail that begins near the Visitors Center and winds through the rocks that tell all about our solar system. I would have loved to take my students on a field trip to a place like this!

I walked the Hydra Bike and Hike Trail one day. Basically, it is an outer loop around the rocks. The pic below is the sign at the beginning of the trail and they had similar ones all along the way. I enjoyed reading each one of them, but this was my favorite. Who knew?
It was an easy trail, well marked and always within sight of the rocks, but it was a long hike so I wore my CamelBak and texted Colvin the following message and pic to let him know we had made it halfway.
“We are at the base of Table Top Mountain on a bench at the gate. aok.”

We found a shade tree and took a long break.
We felt like this when we were done. Ha! Isn't Nonni great? She cracks me up.
We drove up to the Observation Point a few days later. This is the view looking North. Click to see larger view.
1.    Mill Tailings from the Cobre mine, 10 miles away.

2.    Cobre Mountains, 16 miles.

3.    Pinos Altos Range, 30 miles.

4.    Black Range, 30 miles.

5.    Whitehorse Mountain, 8 miles.

6.    Table Mountain, 1 mile.

Partial view looking South.

1.    Cook’s Peak, 14 miles.

2.    Cook’s Range, 14 miles.

3.    Taylor Mountain, 4 miles.

The most wonderful thing about the North view is that the man in that picture quit smoking that day (3/22/16)! Way to go Colvin! I'm so proud of you!

And so ends our stay at the City of Rocks.

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