Sunday, May 8, 2016

5/9/16-Part One, Gila National Forest, Silver City NM

Our next stop was our own wonderful and seemingly private campsite in the Gila National Forest, outside Silver City, NM. We were there a little over 2 weeks, 20160323-20160408. The pic above is of Bentley getting his Easter do.

Here are a couple of campsite pics.

Nonni says, “Hey, don’t forget me!”

Our campsite wasn’t without peril – past perils, actually. (Click to enlarge and read.)

That was the marker at the entrance to our road, and the following is a make-shift grave we made. Someone had recently killed a beautiful, huge coyote and barely covered him with a little dirt. Colvin shoveled dirt to completely cover him and I pulled nearby limbs up to keep other animals, including mine, from digging. Then I made a rock heart for the poor thing. I know it was futile, but I hope it helped in some way. I will never understand some people.

It snowed on April 29. I was so caught off guard. In Texas, I remember getting snow in February, but not April! This vandweller newbie has so much to learn.

And this is how Nonni and I reacted to the snow.

There was plenty of warm weather on other days for us to take some long walks on some great roads.

In my next post, I’ll share with you some of the beautiful flowers and plants in the area, as well as an amazing day trip we made.


I was having major symptoms by the time we got settled at this camp. I’m not really sure why. Here are some of my Tweets. I don’t remember writing them.

3/24/16 – “I put one soc & shoe on but put the other shoe on over my thick nighttime footwear. I’m not even sure how I did that!” (I can’t believe I would not have noticed that. It had to be uncomfortable, but I wrote that at bedtime so I must have worn my shoes like that all day.)

3/25/16 – “I am having a rough morning. Cannot think. Hands are shaking.”

3/26/16 – “Still having a hard time but am a little better than yesterday. Slept a lot. Don’t remember the rest.”

3/26/16 – “Vision has cleared up. Last night the van looked like a long class A in the shape of a distorted hour glass.”


After this, a friend of ours asked Colvin what it means when I have a seizure or an episode. His response captures it better than I can:

“Skippy means stutter, memory loss, lassitude – mental & physical, inability to process sequentially, as in how to make coffee.”

Then he added, “She is better today.”

I don’t remember those days at all so I can’t even imagine what it was like being with me – especially on top of him quitting smoking, recovering from bronchitis and withdrawing from coffee. Thanks for hangin’ in Zippy. You are awe-mazing!


  1. with all this going on i am glad you have people with you to care for you when this happens.

  2. Thank you, Sandra. Yes, I am blessed.


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