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6/20/19-Jawbone Canyon, Bishop and Mammoth Lakes

We left Santa Barbara and headed up 101 then 26. We stopped for breakfast in Fillmore and ate at a car dealership. Yes, you read it correctly. We had breakfast in a car dealership at the Bel Air Café. The food and service were great!

Our destination was Jawbone Canyon, BLM land, on Hwy 14. We stayed there 2 nights (4/18-4/19).

It was very sunny and getting warm so Colvin set up a nice canopy for shade.

It was great! Until the winds came. Out of nowhere. Colvin had gone for a walk and I was sitting in the shade enjoying a good book when a gust came and tore it all down. I tried to hang on to the tarp, but ended up having to let it go. This next pic is Colvin walking back with it. He said I did the right thing, but I still felt bad. We retrieved almost everything except a bowl that had held some snacks. It was never to be seen again. We didn’t have any wind for the rest of our visit – just that one gust. Wow, proving once again, Mother Nature always wins and she has a mind of her own.

This very tall wall that lined the road beyond our camp has a ton of names carved into it – modern day hieroglyphics, kind of, I suppose.

We took a drive and saw a magnificent sunset! Beyond the hill is a giant wind farm. Can you see some of the windmills on the hilltop?

This building has a sign that reads Jawbone Canyon Store and “Restaurant.”

So we went in there one morning and they had a list of tacos they could make, but when I asked about prices, etc., the owner said, “Well, I guess I could make some for you.” Then she added, “If you want me to.”

With that kind of enthusiasm, uh, no thanks. We’ll pass.

You also don’t want to get gas there.

She ended up being very helpful and talkative about places down the road where we could drive to get breakfast, but I’m thinking they may want to put up different signs. Ya think?

After Jawbone Canyon we headed to Bishop, CA. The first part of the drive is on Hwy 14 which takes you through Red Rock State Park. That was a lovely drive. At Big Pine, I stopped for a break and let the dogs run around the Edith M. Mendenhall Park. We had just left a rocky, sandy desert, and now I found myself staring at mountains with snow on them! I love this life!

We only stayed in Bishop one night, in the Von’s/Kmart parking lot (4/20).

The curb next to where Colvin parked gave us a chuckle.

Kmart had banners hanging from the ceiling. This one reminded me of Bentley when he used to ride with me on my Harley and wear his Doggles …. many, many moons ago. He loves to ride with his head out the window. But now, since he’s 14, he doesn’t get to do it anymore unless I’m holding him. He is definitely still the King of “wind in the hair” though. And, as the banner says, #lifeisridiculouslyawesome.

After our overnight stay in Bishop, we headed up 395 and camped near the Sherwin Creek Campground in the Inyo National Forest at Mammoth Lakes, CA. It was lovely weather the day we were there, but snow was expected so we only stayed one night (4/21).

Bentley and Nonni were so happy to be in grass and not sand. They just rolled and rolled and played and played.

Here are a few more pics from our campsite at Sherwin Creek.

In this next pic, when you first look at it, you probably can’t see the 2 deer looking at me. They are in the stream of sunlight between the 2 trees. I placed a magnification of them in the lower right hand corner of the pic. They stood there a very long time; so adorable.

Lastly, look at the pic again. Do you see where the sunshine is creating a purple reflection from a shard of glass on the forest floor? If it gets hot enough, that tiny piece of glass can start a forest fire. Please pick up glass and trash when you camp – even if it’s not yours.

So that was a whirlwind of changing campsites, but while we were in Bishop we worked with the Ford Dealership to order parts so that I could get my lock and latch mechanism on my back door fixed. Woohoo! We made arrangements to bring the van back the following Tuesday (4/26), and then we headed out to an amazing place! I’ll share that in my next post.


Before we headed to our next destination, I did some shopping to pick up a few supplies. I was stressed and skipping, but I thought I was doing well enough to at least get a few things. As it turns out though, while I was in the store I couldn’t process. It took me a couple of hours just to try and get 5 or 6 items. It finally dawned on me that I needed to call it quits and head to the van.

I went to the register.

With the wrong cart.

I have no idea whose cart I had or how long I had been pushing it around. AND, that meant that my purse was somewhere in the store in my cart! Hopefully! But I had no idea where. I told the cashier that those weren’t my items and I could tell she was confused, but I just left all of that stuff there and quickly started going through the store trying my best to remember how to retrace my steps and find my purse. I finally found my cart in the pet section. My purse was still in it. I was so relieved!

After that I was too rattled to buy anything and left the store empty-handed.


  1. i love the rolling dogs pic and had not thought about glass could start a fire.. he he on the boyfriend curb marker and i would not eat those tacos either OR buy that gas. yowsa... i was fussing yesterday about 2.30 here... sorry you lost your purse, happy you found it. that could have been a disaster if it were stolen...

    1. Hi Sandra, I'm so sorry I'm just now responding to your comment. I actually thought of you when I posted that pic of Nonni and Bentley. :)) I think they charge those gas prices because they can - out in the middle of nowhere. Not typical gas prices for the area - although CA is extremely high on average. I never did find out taco prices. LOL. Yes, it was a happy ending to the purse/cart saga. Fortunately. Blessedly. HugZ!


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