Wednesday, July 13, 2016

7/13/16-Part 3, Alabama Hills Lone Pine CA 20160422-20160505

The Mobius Arch Loop and the Arch Loop Trail in the Alabama Hills are very accessible, easy to walk, and lead to several natural arches (info here).

The pic above is the Mobius Arch, and the following is what it looks like when a professional photographs it:

This next pic is a nearby smaller arch. Is it just because I’m a Star Wars fan or does this view make it look a little like Jabba the Hutt?

Same arch – only this time I see a heart.

Part of the trail....

The next time I camp at Alabama Hills, I hope to go up Horseshoe Meadows Road, the big “Z” in the following pic.

Unfortunately, this time it was still closed “due to winter storms”.

The one road I did get to go up, however, was the Mt. Whitney Portal Road. Wow, oh wow. Other than the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, this was my first experience on such a road. You’d be proud of me my wonderful readers – I squealed and held my breath several times, but not once did I close my eyes. LOL.

This is what the road looks like during the first part of the ascent.

And the next 3 pics give you an idea of the experience looking down – straight down!!

When you get to the top, or at least to the end of the road, you are officially in the Whitney Portal Recreation Area of the Inyo National Forest. It is beautiful, and there are many campgrounds, picnic areas and two trailheads – Mt. Whitney Trailhead (of course), and the Meysan Lakes Trailhead. I’d love to think that I can do some hiking up there one day. There is also a general store and a fabulous waterfall. The waterfall appeared to flow from the top of the mountain. It was so loud! And cold! The pic below is just a small portion of it.

It was 70ish at camp just 30 minutes earlier so I was shocked that it was snowing! Here is a marker board displayed at the general store. Wow, what a difference in temps.

I got to see my first “active bear” warning sign. (The first pic below, not the 2nd one, lol. I snagged the latter from FB.)

This Steller’s Jay followed the van for quite awhile. So pretty.

And lastly, a selfie – back at camp – with Mt. Whitney behind me.


  1. What a beautiful area! I would be closing my eyes on some of those switchbacks!!! YIKES!!

    1. Hi John, I know, right? And I probably really did close my eyes maybe a few times (grin), but I promise not while I was driving! :))

  2. all the views are AWE inspiring. especially YOU in he hat at the end

    1. Thank you Sandra! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pics. I thought of you when I took some of them. The hat is from my friend Tracy. One of my favs! (her and the hat, smile)


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