Wednesday, July 13, 2016

7/13/16-Volcanic Tablelands Bishop CA 20160505-20150510

The furbabies and I loved the Volcanic Tablelands outside of Bishop CA. A huge shout out and thank you to my friend, Glenn, for sending me the coordinates to a fabulous campsite.

It was here that I discovered my Nonnikins likes heights! Who knew?!? Not only does she like heights, she would scale the cliffs like she was a mountain goat! It scared me immensely, but it made her so happy I had to hold my breath and let her play.

Here’s a staged pic of Nonni and Bentley on the ledge. Nonni’s expression seems to say, “What’s the big deal?” Oy vey.

Ravens love to soar high in the sky, and we were so high up Ravens buzzed us daily. It was a thrill to hear their unique “swish swish” wing-flapping rhythm.

Another pic of my darling furbabies.

You should have seen me trying to drive stakes through the VOLCANIC TABLELANDS in order to secure the patio and dog mats. There’s a reason it’s named “volcanic and table”. Derrrr me. LOL.

Nonetheless, the land, such as it was, yielded beautiful plants and flowers. Amazing.


One day I looked up to see Jim and Gayle, of Life’s LittleAdventures. After following their blog for almost 5 years I finally got to meet them in person. You can read their blog post on our meeting (here). What a thrill that was for me! Thank you Gayle and Jim!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, May 8, I took a pic of Nonni and Bentley. And my bff, Connie, sent me a pic of our Miss Hope. A purrfect ending to my stay in CA.

TBI HS SYMPTOMS - The Rest of the Story

After Jim and Gayle left, I was wishing I had been brave enough to tell them that I was alone and scared, and worried about getting back to Arizona to be with Bob and the caravan again. But how do you tell someone you just met a story like that? You don’t. Or at least I don’t.

Plus I was in constant contact with my bff and tribe member, Tracy, and she had offered to come get me so I wasn’t exactly all alone. Still, I was at the end of my tether, so to speak, and concerned each day that I might not make it to the next. Colvin came to Volcanic Tablelands after I had been there awhile, but stayed just two nights. He was about to leave again when I had one of my worst seizures ever. He stayed with me through that, and we parted ways for good the following day.

Here is where I hesitate to be transparent with you my wonderful readers, but I am committed to making a difference for others that might also be recovering from a brain injury. I’m also committed to living courageously and authentically as described by BreneBrown in The Gifts of Imperfection and Daring Greatly. It is who I want to be. So, I share….

The seizure from hell left me partially blind in my lower left eye, and to date, that has not cleared up. I can only assume by now that it is permanent. No, I am not driving all the way back to Texas to be checked by my doctors. Repeatedly they have made it clear there is nothing that can be done for my HS, Hippocampal Sclerosis, or the tissue damage that has been done behind my left eye from a horrible tumble I took last year that landed me in the ER. I will see my doctors again next spring when I return to Texas, and that is that. I know to some that seems highly irresponsible.

So might this next bit of information….

Once we agreed we were going our separate ways, Colvin headed north as had been our plan all along, and I plugged Flagstaff in to Siri. Here is where I did something you might not understand....

I drove.

The day after a major seizure, and with vision in my left eye partially gone, I drove. And it felt good.

I’ll share more about the drive from Bishop, CA to Flagstaff, AZ and what happened there in my next post, but at 40 mph I drove the back roads to freedom and restoration. It was worth it. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Was it the smartest thing for me to do? Logically, probably not. Healthwise, it was marginal. For my spirit, it was electrifying.

Was I afraid? Yes. I felt the fear and did it anyway. Could it have gone a million ways wrong? Yes. But it didn’t. I am so blessed to have so many who care for me. Also, my faith in God and Oneness has never been stronger. Wait until you read my upcoming blog posts my wonderful readers. You are going to meet some amazing people.



  1. glad you made it back and did not hurt your self or someone else driving in that condition. i understand why you did it, but it could harm others. i smiled all the way through this post the pups look so sweet so adorable so funny so happy... in all that beautiful spectacular land

    1. I know Sandra. Sorry I disappointed you on this one my friend. If it helps, I took back roads, didn't go over 40mph and did my absolute best to stay safe - for me and the furbabies as well as for others. AND, I won't ever take that chance again, nmw, I promise. xoxo

  2. We so enjoyed meeting you, too. Wish you had told us how you were feeling, although I'm not sure if we could have helped. It's good that Colvin was with you during the seizure. Sorry about the vision loss. That must have been frightening. So glad you made it safely to Flagstaff and are back with your "tribe". It's always nice to have friends for help and support.

    1. I have no idea how I missed these comments until now, but thanks you so much Gayle. It would not have exactly been a "Hi, Nice to meet you" introductory conversation - lol. But you and Jim are such gracious beings, I sure was tempted. Yes, I am blessed with many wonderful supportive earth angels, tribe members. Sure I hope I get to see you again soon. Safe travels my friend.

  3. Hi Debra. Found my way here seeing the link in your very open-hearted sharing video with Bob Wells. As one who has also been touched by a seizure (though only a couple long ago and not as severe) I just want to put in some 'good for you' supportive words for your driving when you did. Many years ago when I sensed one might be coming on... without conscious deliberation I went for a drive---simply my heart's intuition that that was the single most thing it needed in that moment, trusting in prayer that it was the right thing. Whatever was going on in my body quickly dissolved itself and I was fine. I love driving on the open road, simply does something for me bodily. I once had an elder uncle (no longer had a driver's license) who drove over a thousand miles to see my mother before they she passed on shortly thereafter. Personally, I'd rather meet one like him on the road guided by loving caring spirit than someone carelessly texting. No one can know what is the rightest right thing to do if they are not in the others' shoes. Blessings to you and your courage to live out loud, as the saying goes.

    1. Wow. Thank you anon. I really, really needed that. And you are so right. It's hard to put in to words (although you did so beautifully) just how healing and freeing the open road is. It soothes me and it really does, I believe, heal me. I look forward to getting back on the road soon. I long for it. To date, I've lived almost a year longer than my doctors thought I would. I suppose that says something too. Thanks again dear heart. Thanks for being here.


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