Friday, August 12, 2016

8/12/16-They Come and They Go

WARNING: This post is a bit snarky. Read at your own risk. And for what it’s worth.... I’m feeling better just writing about it and getting this published. You’ve been warned.

I’m tired. And perhaps that is not a good time to write a post, but it is what it is and I’m tired of being anything other than what I am – in each moment – whatever that may be. I no longer have the energy for it. All of the shoulda’s, woulda’s and coulda’s are just going to have to take a break for awhile.

I’m also tired of trying to catch up on a blog that is so ridiculously behind I can’t even see it in my rearview mirror anymore. So you, my wonderful readers, are about to get a synopsis of 3 exciting, boring, wonderful and tumultuous months.

You’ll have to read between the lines and make shit up because I’m also tired of talking about my illness. For now.

I’m tired of trying to make sense of it all too. I’m tired of trying to understand why people closest to me don’t get it (and by it, I mean me). And I’m tired of trying to think. It hurts. Literally. Get me. Love me. Understand me. Have patience for me. Or stay the hell away from me. I don’t care. Did I mention I’m tired?

So here’s a novel idea. I quit. I’m going to do what I can, when I can, in whatever way that shows up. If that is frustrating for others, I don’t care. For now. I’m sure I’ll get back to my cheery, loving self again soon.

And yeah, I hear it. I can’t believe it either. And I’m telling myself I need to change it. I need to get connected, centered and happy before I scare people. If I wait for that, however, I’ll die in the silence. And that I won’t do anymore for anyone. Not even for me. So I write.

Read or don’t read. I don’t care. For now.


When I left CA in May, I landed on a wing and a prayer in the Coconino National Forest outside Flagstaff, AZ, on the familiar A-1 Mountain Road where I started off with Bob Wells originally last October. I had nothing left in me. What little emotional reserves that remained when I left CA were used up on the road back to AZ.

So when I arrived, I parked, turned my engine off and basically sent out a SOS to any friends that might be in the area, and went to sleep. Within 24 hours I heard from dozens of beautiful beings and had 2 rigs parked next to me. As word got out that I was okay, a bff in TX borrowed a saying from her bff in CO, “Love comes running.”

Thank you to all that responded. And a special thank you to Al and Judy for taking walks with me, letting me rest, and even feeding me. You nursed me back to life without even knowing the depths of your gestures. Love came running, indeed. Namaste.

By 5/15/16, Al had hit the road and I felt strong enough to join my good friend Bob Wells and the rest of the caravan camped about 20 miles away. Judy went the evening before. I promptly had a blow out on the interstate. At first I panicked, but the furbabies and I were okay, and I soon realized nothing else mattered. After I collected myself, I called my insurance company. They dispatched a tow truck and the furbabies and I got a “free” ride to the local tire company. Since it was a Sunday, we spent the night in their parking lot. Monday morning bright and early, I was their first customer. I bought two new tires and felt quite proud that I handled it all (with some confirmation and reassurance from my friend Bob by phone).


For the next few weeks a lot of us hung out in a camp near Williams, AZ, waiting for the summer RTR. The 2016 Summer RTR was scheduled for June 16-June 26, but it was called short as the crowd outgrew forest regulations. No one expected such a large crowd and we did not have the necessary permit to continue so the rangers politely invited us to leave - by noon the next day.

The week that we were there was full of good times, gatherings and classes. It was good to see old friends and make new ones too. In fact, the RTR peeps will get a dedicated blog post soon. Until then, if you want to know more about the RTR, here are 2 links to get you started:


When the RTR was called to an abrupt halt, we all had to go somewhere. I wanted cooler temps! Flag was in the middle of a very unusual heat wave so a friend and I scouted for higher grounds. We found the ticket near Mt. Humphreys, the tallest peak in AZ. Several of the RTR folk followed us. I will write a blog post about our stay at Mt. Humphreys later (because some really cool things happened there; pun intended), but for now here is a pic of us leaving the RTR. Bob joked about me leading a caravan. My response? ....

Now that’s funny right there; I don’t care who you are.


After we left Mt. Humphreys, Robert (a new friend from the RTR) and I decided to join Bob and some of the caravan in Leadville, CO. Along the way we stayed overnight at Mesa Verde National Park. That is another place that will get a post of its own because it was AWE-mazing! Until then, here’s just ONE pic of the ancient cliff dwellings we saw. The park protects at least 600 cliff dwellings built by Ancestral Pueblo people that inhabited the area from AD 600 to 1300.


I haven’t decided whether or not Leadville will get its own blog post. As the highest incorporated city in North America, it certainly fit the bill for cooler temps, but it also unraveled me. Getting there we traveled through some beautiful country, but the trip was long and arduous. Then, once we arrived, there were people everywhere! Don’t get me wrong. I like people. I are one, but I require quiet time and there just wasn’t much of that during our stay in Leadville. There were some other issues too, including poor wifi signal. I may share more later. We’ll see. Overall, I may be in the vast minority of the U.S. who isn’t a fan.

In spite of my take on Leadville, it was a privilege to camp with the Mobile Codger, Randy Vines, and his group, as well as Bob again. We had some great campfire chats and you can read more about Leadville and our time together on Bob’s blog (here) or on Randy’s blog (here).

Campfire Chats

Campfire Dancing - Maybe - Sort of.

During our time in Leadville, Robert and I decided to buy Bob’s trailer and start traveling together. (Thank you, Bob!) As friends and traveling companions it’s a win-win for both of us. He upgrades from a Camry to a trailer, and I get help driving and maintaining my van. So, on 7/14, my birthday, we took off for Pahrump, NV to retrieve the trailer. That was a straight run. We went through Las Vegas (déjà vu) and right back to Flagstaff. The following two pics are a summation of that trip from my perspective.

That last pic was taken while we were outside Flagstaff near Bonneville in a campground that is known as “Fred’s Camp.” We had a couple of good days there and then for no apparent reason, the wifi signal gave out. Robert has to have high speed access for his work so no bueno! We checked with other campers in the area and they confirmed the same for their sites. We waited one more day and then moved down the road to what is now known as “Camp James.”

Flagstaff has monsoons. Big ones. You can read more about them (here). I will write a blog post about all of that as well, but in the few weeks we were there (with a lot of the caravan members from RTR), it was somewhat grueling – at least for us. The trailer hitch had ‘issues’ so Robert made trips to WY without me. That was a bummer. Then I almost got stuck on the hill due to the monsoons washing out the roads. And finally, I did get stuck, literally, in the mud while trying to leave.

I finally got off the hill (thank you Michael! and James). Robert came back from WY to get me and we decided to promptly leave Flagstaff while the getting was good. Currently, I am in WY with him as he visits family and awaits his daughter’s wedding and festivities during Labor Day weekend. The good news is – I no longer have to drive by myself. The bad news is – it appears I no longer can. For now.

I’ll fill in the blanks on some of it in future posts, but there you have it – the long and the short of it for the last 3 months. I hope you’re not as tired as I am after just reading about it. I promise I will try to make future blogs more cheery. Or not. Whatever. Later!


  1. Great to hear from you!! I hope your near future provides you with recoup time! I think I commented in a previous post (memory not so good on this side either) but I identify with, and enjoy your experiences.

    Good luck... Can't wait to hear more! Take care of yourself missy!!


    1. Hi Lauri! I somehow missed the comments on this post until today. Good to hear from YOU! Thank you so much for your comment(s). You take care too. Stay in touch! :))

  2. I love the humor today and I love the sign at the beginning warning us to be careful. And I do have to say after reading this and a lot of your other post I do not understand why you want to ride around and live like you live but that's it. That's it you do love it you do want to do it you do enjoy it and it is your life so why does it matter to the rest of us. There are many who do not understand me and my husband. We are very happy to stay home to never travel we love to watch TV we love movies we don't socialize. We rarely see our family and we don't miss them and no one understands us. We are all what we are and I believe that we should do what makes us happy as long as we can do it and forget about what others think or feel. What makes one person happy makes another sad. Enjoy your life as long as you can

    1. Touched am I - thank you, Sandra. Absolutely - I am learning to be authentic, transparent and courageous. It is NOT easy. You and your wonderful husband have it down to a fine art. That's one of the many reasons why you have so many followers my dear. You are a beautiful, bright light - being you. <3

  3. The temps are still nice here in the at night, and I love it! Interesting post, surprised you and Robert did not buy a bigger the way, if you need or know anyone that needs some new solar panels, I have 3 new in box Renogy 100 watt panels plus a 30 amp controller to get rid of....reach out to me if you know anyone!

    1. Oh, John - I'm sorry I'm just now seeing this. Do you still have the panels? We need them. If not, good for you! My bad. Can't wait to see you soon. We head to Flag this week. Love, db&n

  4. I'm catching up on blogs after being without internet for a couple weeks. It is good to hear from you! Sounds like you've had an interesting summer. We nearly got stuck in Flagstaff a couple years ago. Learned it's not wise to camp in the forest there once monsoon season starts!

    1. Good for you Gayle! I have yet to catch up on anything! LOL. Yep, I won't get caught in the forest - especially at the top of a hill - ever again for the monsoons. Duh, ya think? Ha! I sure hope to see you guys again soon. Maybe in Q? HugZ, d


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