Saturday, September 10, 2016

9/10/16-Baths and Birthdays

Bentley doesn’t look too happy in that first pic, but trust me, he usually likes his bath. It’s just that this one was outside with cold hose water, and he wanted to go play instead.

Here’s what he looked like after his bath and getting groomed.

I used to tell people all the time that Nonni and Bentley would compete to see who got to take their baths first. When I realized people were having a hard time believing me, I made a video of it.

On the day I made the videos, it was Bentley’s turn to go first.

Then Nonni finally got her turn.

Nonni gets a bath tomorrow when it’s supposed to be warmer here. She won’t like the outside bath as much either, but I’ll double-dose the treats because it’s her birthday month. My Nonnikins was 11 on 9/4! Unbelievable! Love her so!

Happy birthday Nonni! I’m so grateful for my furbabies.


  1. Happy birthday Nonnie, they are both so good for their baths. jake prefers the bathroom and warm water, and the cold hose he shivers like it is ice even in 95 degree weather. i fully understand because i hate cold water to. I did not realize Nonnie is a ridgeback, in the video i could see the stripe... her baby pic is about the cutest thing ever. cover Bently's eyes while you read this. i have to say living in a van has agreed with you, you look amazing

    1. I know, Sandra - I felt so guilty every time Bentley shivered. But he sure did enjoy being clean and groomed once it was over! Yes, she is a RR through and through. I just love that breed. No worries, I didn't tell Bentley. I somehow lost all his baby pics. :(( He was pretty darn cute too. ;)) Thank you for the kind words. As in all things, there are good days and bad days but this is by far better for me than assisted living. Big hugZ to you!

  2. i just showed bob your photos and he reminded me this is Jake's birthyear to. but he was 11 in January

    1. Oh wow! Our babies are the same age, give or take 9 months. LOL. That's okay Jakey! You've still got it handsome! Love him!


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