Friday, November 11, 2016

11/11/16-Cleaning Up Campsites

From my YouTube series, "My Life as a Vandweller".


  1. you sure can walk fast,.., LOL... it is amazing to me that people will dump mattresses and sofas and all kinds of stuff out there. a blogger who live in Colorada in the woods, says they have a big problem with people camping out in the woods and leaving these big items there when they move on. now I know it happens in NV also

    1. I'm sad to say I can also confirm that it happens in NM, AZ & CA as well - all states I have camped in and witnessed such items. I hope to start a rally to maybe partner with public land management for a solution. Fingers crossed! Oh, and yes, Robert used 4x speed on the part of the video. The prankster! LOL.


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