Friday, November 11, 2016

11/11/16-Mayer and Cottonwood AZ

I have been in Pahrump NV since October 15 because my traveling companion, Robert, had work there. We left there on Wednesday to head to Mayer, AZ. That’s where the pic above was taken. We went to Mayer to meet his daughter and her family. They are from WY but came to AZ via Pueblo CO where they participated in a competition with Buck, their German short-haired pointer. He won 1st Place in his class, got Winners dog and Best of Winners. Congratulations Buck and Juli!

Wednesday night we stayed overnight on BLM land outside Mayer, across the highway from the Aqua Fria National Monument near Cleator Crown King and Horse Thief Basin.

There was a TON of pollen around there. This looks like normal winter grass, right?

But it’s actually pollen-covered grass from this bush.

When we walked at night, it looked like snow in my headlamp. Here’s a close-up of it stuck to the grass.

Between that and the trash (ugh), we decided to leave there and stay a couple of nights at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood AZ - even though we don’t normally stay in campgrounds. We had good reason this time. While Buck is at his competition in Mayer, we have been keeping Robert’s granddaughters. What a special, special treat! It's been a lovely day.


  1. Glad you're having such a nice day!!

  2. yowsa that is a lot of pollen. the grands are so adorable and cute. I loved all the photos, especially the sweeties sitting in the shade of the stage coach, that is a great photo of the town the coach and your babies.

    1. Sometimes I think I can still smell all that pollen Sandra! LOL. We had a great couple of days from beginning to end. Aren't my furbabies so good? This time they sat and posed for Robert. I was in the van making calls about our campground reservation where we spent time with the girls. The grands as you call them (love that). Such sweethearts.


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