Friday, November 11, 2016

11/11/16-Veteran's Day and My America

I originally titled this post, Fear v Faith. Yawn. I’m so tired of that being a dilemma in my life. When will I ever learn? Faith always trumps fear. And in faith, there is no need for fear.

I also believe it is important to honor and process through all of our feelings. Sometimes, until I’ve done that, and given empathy to all involved – including myself or maybe especially myself – I am often unable to move on. Or “move forward” as my friend Robert would say. Another dilemma.

I feel guilty for having shanghaied this post on Veteran’s Day, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to thank our Veteran’s, especially this year – when my freedom in this country feels threatened. Another dilemma.

I am going to publish this, and then I hope to move on. I want to move forward in faith and love. It does not mean I am in denial or turning a blind eye to what is happening in my country right now. I cannot. Cautious mindfulness is required.

On November 8, 2016, Trump became President-Elect.

I could almost end this post write there. But one last time, I feel the need to explain – because I want everyone to understand – my angst over him as a person is **NOT** Republican or Democrat or even based on political slant or issues. It is about basic decency and human rights.

So, on Veteran’s Day, a day to honor those who have fought for our freedoms, I address just that.

I originally posted the quote below on FB on 11/9/16, the day after the elections. FB blocked it because someone turned it in as offensive. Unbelievable! Well, no, not really unbelievable. The fact that it got blocked kind of proves my point.  So I am re-posting it this morning along with this blog post. True story.

After a sleepless night, I just got trapped inside a convenience store because 2 men got in a fight, blocking the door. Two employees managed to break it up. It started when a man came in celebrating the election outcome & shouting vile, vulgar things about our current President - hatred against his race. That's exactly why I didn't sleep. I fear hate crimes will increase and people will celebrate them. Until the fight got serious, most everyone in the store thought the first guy was hilarious.

I fear there is no place for me in Trump's America. He does not want people like me here. Nor do a vast majority of his supporters. Not all, of course, I am proud to say. I love my family and friends that have good hearts and exercised their right to vote as they saw fit. But I am a disabled woman living in a van. Trump & those who support his malicious side don't want me here.

It is a horrifying experience to realize I am afraid for my safety and worried about my future because I am a citizen of the UNITED States of America. I even worry for many of my friends who are even less mainstream. I thought about not posting this because I fear retaliation and my life depends on the exact programs Trump vows to destroy. Life, liberty, freedom & justice died for me today. I know some of you will get why I am in mourning and others will not. Some may even rage at me, but I will not hide. Not in my own country. Not yet anyway.

A friend from Paris (not TX) messaged me this morning to offer support. He said, "Don't worry. America is bigger than Trump." That loosened ever so slightly the death grip that terror had on my heart - just enough for light and love and a modicum of faith to creep in. A few hours later I get trapped in a convenience store watching my fears play out right before my eyes. I actually worried for a few moments about what would happen if the fight got out of control and mob mentality took over. Would they turn on the people in the van with a handicap placard? I decided to post this because I will not hide. Not yet. Not in my own country.

Keep on keeping on has been my mantra in dealing with my disability for quite awhile now. Today I say KOKO to my fellow Americans. We are bigger than this. We've got this. And in case no one has told you this today, allow me: You are loved beyond belief. We are One.”

I also changed my FB profile picture with the following caption:
I chose this one because I needed the reminder. In all things give thanks. Viktor Frankl and Nelson Mandela did. Their example is especially poignant today.

And I had already changed my cover photo to this:

I repeat, it isn’t about normal political differences anymore. I don’t know this America. I don’t get the people that don’t get Trump is dangerous. He supports, condones and promotes hate. I will not allow myself to live in fear but I will keep a watchful eye and hope that I am wrong.


We cannot afford to go back to the good old bubba ways where the rich white man gets richer and the rest lose. That WILL NOT make America great again. And “the rest” includes public lands, mother earth, lower socioeconomic classes, healthcare, women’s rights, civil rights and basic human rights.

I get why a lot of people voted Trump based on political issues. It is okay for us to have different opinions. That is to be celebrated. That is America! But I am amazed that it is the very people that have the most to lose that have jumped on the hate bandwagon. It is as though they are celebrating that they have a leader that has given them the voice to behave and act like closet-nazis that are finally free to come out of the closet and show their hate publicly. Trump will be our next President, and hopefully his term will end with positive political stats, but I don’t really care about that. At the end of his reign will we be a more loving, kinder, caring nation? Will we have united against hate and taken great care of the great dominions God has given us? Will we have finally learned that we are, always have been and always will be, our brothers’ keepers? That is what will determine the success of his legacy for me.

I don’t know my country anymore where people are celebrating the opportunity to commit hate crimes in the name of the candidate that “the majority” elected. I don’t know how to be proud of an America where the majority supports that. We can move forward, but if you are a Trump supporter and you say to me, “The people of America have spoken. What’s important now is that you respect my decision, my opinions, and we work together to heal.” I must ask, “Where do you stand on taking away my freedoms? Where is your heart in all this as it pertains to ALL of America? How far will your support go?”

When I shared with a friend what I planned to say in this blog post, he said to me, “You are either braver or more reckless than I care to be.”

Silence of the true majority led to Hitler’s success. The majority of Germany did not believe in him nor condone his rhetoric, but his rise in the ranks went unchecked, unchallenged because they already feared him and their fellow countrymen. I will not hide in my own country.

Bill Moyer captures the sentiment beautifully (here).


  1. Thanks for speaking your mind. Silence is not the answer. I'm sad for the direction our country has chosen to take; democracy is messy. On the other hand, life goes on. We can continue to live by example. Act locally, and only worry about those things that you can control.

    1. Thank you Anon. I appreciate your comment. It reminds me that the only things I can control, and some days that is "iffy" (lol) are - me, myself and I.

      God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change (other people, places and things);
      Courage to change the things I can (me, myself and I), and
      Wisdom to know the difference.

      Thank you!! Big hugZ, d

    2. I am glad you shared what was on your mind.. Yes, the mindset is scary... šŸ˜“
      Peace šŸŒžšŸŒžšŸŒž


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