Tuesday, November 8, 2016

11/8/16-Please Vote As You Please

My friend Tracy Beeler shared on FB this photo of her beloved friend Jayne Mansfield. I'm sharing it here because, well, today is the day.

I don't care if you're republican or democrat or left or right or anything else, please vote. It's never been more important.

Yesterday I made the mistake of posting a controversial article on FB and I was shocked to receive so many hateful comments and private messages - which was my point exactly and the reason I shared the article in the first place.

I repeat, I don't care who you vote for. I support and respect your right to vote for and believe in your particular political slant. That's what makes America great. What doesn't make America great is hate, divisiveness, sharing pics of lynch mobs, hateful memes, making fun of the less fortunate, bigotry, racism or any form of degradation. It is THOSE people and THOSE traits I was addressing with my article yesterday - or at least that was my intent. I lost a lot of FB "friends and family" yesterday. And to be honest, I will continue to cull - not based on politics, but because I choose to surround myself only with people that lift me higher. When I log on, I want to see love, encouragement, support, and unity. THOSE are the people I will remain friends with because THOSE are the traits I believe in.

My beautiful friend Juli Witham pointed out that my posting of that article was actually contributing to the divisiveness, and that we all need to move beyond such things so that we can begin to heal - as individuals and as a nation. So today, I encourage you to go vote if you have not already.

Regardless of who wins today, spread love. Only love. Let it begin with me.


  1. I have given up FB for this very reason, all the politics on there. I just stopped visiting. I never post any thing about politics because it is useless. people believe what they believe and there is no changing them. I agree with your friend about encouraging divivisness by posting. I did not see your article, I mean this generally. my husband is the worst of all... he is driving me nuts with his ranting and raving. I said to him yesterday. just stop, we voted 2 weeks ago...

    1. Oh my. I hear you Sandra. The thing that was hurtful for me is that I truly was not sharing the article from a political stance. I really just wanted everyone to be mindful of how much damage can be done by some of the quotes listed. They were Trump quotes but I wasn't addressing whether to vote for him or not. I support people that vote for him IN SPITE of what he says, but my issue was with the people that support him BECAUSE of what he says. Those are the same people that have hate messages and graphics on their FB pages. It's the mindset I was addressing - or trying to - not politics. The divisiveness makes me sad, and I regretted being a part of it. I quickly took the post down - good intentions or not. Sending you love and peace my dear!!

  2. I did not read your FB post, but I do wonder while posting Trump's wrong words, did you also point out Clinton's wrong actions? If not, I can see where you crossed the line in your friend's views.

    1. Thank you anonymous - I shared an article that listed quotes from him (snopes checked) and the quotes had the dates and forum listed (location of a public meeting, or a news conference, etc.). It was not about wrong actions. I did not and do not want to get in to "he did" "she did". It was asking my friends and family to not join in on the "hate rhetoric" and yes I said "either side" because it is so hurtful. It included things like "burn him" "shoot him" "what a retard" etc., and so many are now pasting such things in the way of memes etc on their FB and laughing about it that it truly hurts my heart. That's not politics - that's just about human decency. I am blocking such things now on my FB page, which also makes me sad because I thought more of a lot of these people than that, but I am happy to do so because I do not want to see such things. Since you didn't see the post, I hope this helps you understand my intent. It was NOT trump v clinton. Thanks for visiting my blog! d


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