Friday, November 4, 2016

11/4/16-How to Declutter Your Van

With the help of my friend Robert, I am starting a new series of 2-3 minute videos to be aired every Friday about my life as a vandweller. I hope you will find them to be fun and informative. This is the first in the series. The next one will be on improving campsites. I have many more planned and would love to get your feedback please. What do you think? Yes, no, maybe?

Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. I think the video is a super duper idea and I enjoyed it. you did a great job and you really looks so good. I am happy to see you and hear you. this pertains to a home also. doing the three piles is also great exercise. I sometimes find 2 or 3 of one thing and shake my head. I also found a few weeks back that I had a basket full of expired things in the hall closet... all gone now... keep up the videos. I am a fan

    1. Sandra, I cannot begin to tell you what your comments and support mean to me. You've been my biggest online fan for over 5 years now. I send you great big TX hugZ from NV to FL my dear. XOXO And good for you on finding and getting rid of the expired stuff. It's amazing what we accumulate, isn't it? Again, thanks! Much love to you.


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