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12/15/16-We Are Earthlings


We are not Republicans v Democrats. We are not economists v eco-friendly. We are not We the PeopleIndigenous-The People. We are not religious v heathens. We are not right v wrong. We are not gay v straight or any version thereof. We are not left v right. We are not conservative v liberal. We are not family members v family members, friends v friends. We are not Americans v Americans v Russia. We are not Syrians v Syrians v Russia (well, maybe – present time). We are not refugees v citizens. We live on ONE planet. We don’t own it! It is the only home we ALL have, and we ALL need to start acting like it.

We are here for a very short time. And we need to improve it, not battle to destroy it.

We are Earthlings. Damnit. Stop it!

My friend Robert lived in Cambridge, NY, and has lots of family there still. The village area of Cambridge-Greenwich endured a heartbreaking event yesterday when two young boys were playing in the snow and one lost their life due to what can only be called a very tragic accident (news article here). My heart and prayers go out to all that this loss affects. The mother of the boy that died also lost her mother just that morning. Doesn’t this put things in perspective? Love is all that matters.

And that pales in comparison to the lives and children lost in Aleppo. In this stirring live video, a University professor, Abdulkafi Alhamdo, says goodbye as the city is seized. His surreal goodbye, as he knows his life is minutes from ending, is titled, “Please Remember Us.”

We are our brothers’ keepers. No exception. We are all ONE – abroad, in the SD plains, in the snow banks of MA. There is no separation.

My friend David recently wrote an article (here) and in it he states:
“Love as an attribute of our Divine Nature is the movement of God Energy in, through and as us. It is the Energy of the Divine that we can consciously connect with and allow to flow freely through us.”

If you believe that, as well as the following, then you have to live it. You have to be it, without exclusion. We don’t get to pick and choose who and what, when and where we apply it. Nor do we get to stand idly by and say nothing, do nothing, while the world goes mad. At least I can't.

courtesy of vanderflue

If we love one another, truly love, then the wars against one another stop (globally and personally), the hate crimes stop (implied and overt), the differences pale and the fears lessen. In that, all is well, always.

Got it? Good. Now, stop it!


What has this got to do with vandwelling? Well, it seems the further removed I am from mainstream society, the more it assaults my senses when I enter civilization. I apply the word civilization to people. Although it seems to me “civil” is becoming a lost art – if we let it.

We went to town the other day to run errands. During that trip, Robert, my friend and fellow nomad, coined the phrase, “It was an assault on my senses.” There were people everywhere – hurrying, seemingly looking out only for themselves as they made their way rapidly to who knows where – and never making eye contact. Always fast, fast movement. And loud. Everywhere, there was piped in music. You couldn’t even talk at the gas pumps the music was so loud. And there were marketing monitors yelling at you from the store aisles. And people were rude, rude, rude to one another. I literally stopped in the middle of the store and watched for awhile. People acted like they didn’t have time to be nice. Then, when I intentionally waited for eye contact with the clerk to thank her after she checked me out, she seemed baffled at first. Then a broad smile broke out. It is possible. We just have to remember to connect. It is so valuable. Give someone a smile today.

I headed to my van and was literally bumped into physically, 3 times (!), as people crowded to get in and out of the door. Why? Have I lived in my van so long already that I’m the only one that notices how insane society/civilization can be?

And the next day a little boy would lose his life in a snow bank. The day after that, Aleppo would reportedly fall - another travesty in world history.

I can’t eat out anymore. Almost every restaurant has at least two TVs going and/or piped in music streaming over every table. Plus, every time I go to town I hear people arguing – insisting that they are right – whatever it is they are talking about at the moment. And it gets ugly. Friends are parting ways and families are getting divided. The rifts and chasms are growing. I watch everyone and I wonder, “Do they not see it? Can they not hear it?” In many ways, we are headed to another civil war if we are not careful. Did we not learn anything from that as brothers chose sides and killed each other in our first civil war? I’m not making that up. It’s our history! And it feels like it is getting ready to repeat itself.

It is such a glaring difference from being in nature and solitude, living in my van, that perhaps I see it more clearly or experience it more deeply than some. But not all. I know many of us are hurting. Many of us have heavy hearts. Many of us are determined to change it for the better. That actually gives me hope. We have to see that it exists before we can do anything about it. For those that recognize what I’m saying, please join me in turning it around. Affirm that we are Earthlings.

Love never fails. In that, neither will we.


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  3. I hope you follow Carolyn... If not, here's a link to a video you may understand more & more each day!!! Enjoy!

    1. Hi Windkissed! I absolutely do. She is a friend of mine. I was camped in OR with her and will spend part of the winter camped with her here in AZ as well. She is awesome! Thanks for stopping by here! HugZ, db&n

  4. I agree with Robert, going out in town is an assault on the senses and here we are a tourist town and also winter residents, our town doubles in size from Thanksgiing to Easter. the traffic is an assault and most drivers are rude and arrogant. just what you described is every where and we have no place to escape except our home. we stay within our refuge from PEOPLE all day every day during these months. we only go out when we need to,.

    1. You and me both Sandra! See? For years I've been telling you we have more in common than you think. <3

  5. Wow...wish everybody could read this and just be quiet for 5 min. and let it soak in.

    1. Thank you Joyce. It really changes the perspective, doesn't it? It is mind boggling sometimes how separateness creeps in and makes us think we're different, or that "different" is villainous. Thanks for sharing!


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