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12/18/16-A Look Around Ehrenberg AZ

Ehrenberg is a census-designated place in La Paz County, AZ. It has a population of approximately 1500, and has the distinction of being the 1st exit across the Colorado River from CA. Ehrenberg straddles I-10 and is approximately 5 miles from Blythe CA to the West and approximately 20 miles from Quartzsite CA to the East, and approximately 45 miles south of Parker AZ (the nearest WalMart). The locals might disagree with me but aside from many RV parks, it basically has 3 businesses: a Flying J, a Best Western, and the infamous Laundromat and Mall.

I say infamous because everyone goes to the Mall. It is a convenience store, mail center, and a laundromat. Plus you can get showers there. It is THE place in Ehrenberg. That’s Mark, the gatekeeper and manager of the Mall in the pic above. He is so awesome, and so friendly – always smiling. I featured a pic of him with his wife, Esthervic, and his daughter, Solenn, in a post last June. You can read it (here).

Ehrenberg is a winter mecca for nomads. In January, it’s average high is 67 with an average of only 43 for the lows. You can throw a rock and hit a Canadian. (Sorry, that’s a local joke, but you can see why.) It has become my winter home away from home and I really like it here.

There is far too much traffic for me in the other nearby towns. I boondock on BLM land, and am currently camped with Bob Wells and company. I go to nearby towns to run errands and replenish supplies only once a week. If I can get it done in Ehrenberg, I stay here. Even if I have to go to one of the other larger, nearby towns, I go once a week and quickly get back to my remote camp.

In my latest video, I show you around the small town/census-designated place. I show you how to rent a temporary mailbox for the winter and even have packages delivered and held for you! There are two places to get propane, and I show you the laundromat and showers at the Mall as well. Even if you’re not a nomad, I hope you enjoy this video of my “hometown”.

For more information on dispersed camping in Ehrenberg, including coordinates, cell signal strength, a driving tour and more, go to my friend Robert’s awesome site (here). Do me a favor please – leave him a comment and tell him you bounced over from here, okay?

Bob Wells, as always, has wonderful information about this area on his blog as well (here). After all, it’s his stomping grounds. We are all gathering here to enjoy his upcoming 7th Annual Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. It grows and grows every year thanks to all that Bob does and the many lives he touches. Many of us, me included, are able to enjoy this life because of him. What a joy and blessing it is to be out here two winters in a row now. Wow.

From, here are two links for more free sites in the area: Tom Wells Road and the Colorado River.

This should give you everything you need to know about camping around Ehrenberg, and why I like it here. It’s my own little Winter Wonderland.

Happy Holidays!


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Thank you! See you down the road!


  1. Thanks for the link and kind words! I am hoping that in time the site will become a valuable resource for nomads (whether full-time or otherwise). Nice writeup on Ehrenberg, by the way. I hear you about surrounding areas being too busy since Ehrenberg is sometimes too busy for me!

    1. You are welcome Robert. Your site is shaping up to be just that - "a valuable resource for nomads". Kudos! And yes, even Ehrenberg I have to get in and get out quickly (and early) - especially as more and more snowbirds get here. And I think my Flying J days are over. Man their speakers are loud! Thanks for dropping by, d


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