Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12/27/16-Finding Water on the Road

A lot of people ask me how I find water on the road. Well, there’s actually a myriad of ways and I share some of that in my short video below. But here on my blog, I also want to share with you some details around finding water on the road.

I carry at least 9 gallons with me and my furbabies and I go through an average of 1.2 gallons/day. Of course that varies with the weather and temperature because we drink more on hot days, but even then we usually can last a week doing remote camping without having to fill up.

To fit them under my drawers and the shelf they sit on, I have to use the short one-gallon jugs. You know, the kind that milk comes in. It is getting more and more difficult to find gallon water jugs in that size that are sturdy and have screw-on lids. Trust me, when you live in a van or an RV of any kind, you don’t want to haul around water in those crazy flip-off lids. Unless you like cleaning up messes that is. They leak, they’re so flimsy that even with elevation changes they come open and if they tip over, well, you have an instant lake. So, a lot of my water jugs are former milk jugs.

I number them. I number the lid and the carton so that I can match them back up easily. You’d think that if you have a bunch of containers, same brand, same size, same everything, that the lids would be interchangeable. Well, evidently they are not. Put the wrong lid on the wrong container and you end up having leaks as they jostle going down the road. Not fun. So, I number them.

A lot of people use the 6-gallon water containers that I show in the video. They are great, and they fit perfectly in the well of my van at the side. But with two dogs (and me) needing to go in and out all the time, it’s just not feasible for me to store water there all the time. Plus, man, are they heavy when filled!

Here is the link I share in the video for finding Glacier water machines while on the road:
http://glacierwater.com/refill-station-finder/. A lot of water machines take bills as well as coins, and some will even take a credit card. More often than not though I travel with quarters just in case – for laundry and for water.

Oh and by the way, there is always, always, always a way to find and get water on the road legally. Please, please, please do not get water without express consent from the owner! That is theft of services and LEOs can and will – rightfully so – issue citations for that. Obtaining “free water” without consent is stealing, plain and simple. End of rant.

Having said that, I will say that I was surprised at the number of businesses that do allow you to get water for free. If ever in doubt though, please ask. It’s usually a pump-type spigot and I’m sure their intent is for small containers. Abuse will cause us to see the end of this generosity as well. Reportedly, there was a place in Blythe, CA that used to let people fill their containers …. until they found out a local farmer was coming there in the middle of the night filling up his truck bed water tanks! Keep it legal people. End of 2nd rant.

Here’s the video of how I get water on the road. Thanks for watching!

Please be sure and check out my YouTube Channel here:

Thank you! See you down the road!


  1. I have never considered that you have to get water, this was a shock to think about. it is good there is free water because buying it is expensive. I am thinking there is much to think about before living in a van, things that we are so used to we don't think about them

  2. I know, right, Sandra? I didn't think about maintaining a water supply either. Silly of me, I know, but I just didn't get that I would need more than maybe a gallon or two. It is such a thrill to carry more and stay away from town longer now. :)) And it's not expensive at all. Not really. Even at $3-$5/week, that's not bad. I bet it's a lot less than your monthly water bill! LOL. Love and hugZ, db&n


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