Thursday, December 8, 2016

12/8/16-LTVA and Quartzsite-Ehrenberg Area Camping

I wrote a blog post last year about how Quartzsite grows from a sleepy little town of approximately 4,000 to an influx of at least 1 million in one month! That’s crazy! You can read that blog post (here) as well as see some of the wonderful things I experienced last year at my first RTR. If you dare, you can even hear me sing a little Karaoke by scrolling down and watching the video on that blog post. If you dare! LOL.

I will be at the RTR again this year, January 10-22, and recently camped in Quartzsite for a week. Here’s a video from my YouTube channel about that. In this I share with you some alternatives to dispersed camping and take you on a short tour of the LTVA.

I want to remind everyone that if you are attending the RTR, please remember the 14-day limit on public lands. That’s why I didn’t mind paying $6/day for drydocking during my recent stay at Rice Ranch in Quartzsite. You don’t want to get banned from being on-site at the RTR and you have to register with the camp host so DON’T TAKE A CHANCE!

The rule, according to the official site (here), is that you can only camp for 14 days of dispersed camping, continuous or cumulative, in a 28 day period, then you have to move 25 miles and cannot come back until day 29. That’s why you can generally camp in Ehrenberg and then Quartzsite.

There are many areas around Q and E for dispersed camping, but here’s directions to where a large group of RTR folk generally camp in Ehrenberg.

Take Exit 1 (yep, the 1st AZ exit as you leave CA), and go through the roundabout until you can head east down the access road (south side of freeway). About 1.5 miles down that road, that includes a sharp right curve, you will come to a Y – stay to the right; the left goes to a construction pit. Go a little over another mile and you will come to another Y. Hang a left there. In that area you will see a lot of rigs and people already gathering for Bob's arrival. You can park near people or as far away as you want. Last year Bob parked on the left-hand side of the road but I have no idea where he will be this year. You can come join everyone else though.

For more information about free camping around Ehrenberg, check out this article on the rubbertramping site (here). 

I hope all of this helps and gives you some alternatives so that you can come to the Ehrenberg/Quartzsite area without maxing out your 14-day limit prior to the RTR.

We’ll see you down the road!


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Thank you! See you down the road!

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