Monday, January 2, 2017

1/2/17-2016 In Review

BLM land, Ehrenberg, AZ
RTR, BLM land, Quartzsite, AZ
BLM land, Lake Havasu City, AZ
Retail with Permission, Graham, TX
Drydock, Denton, TX
Cedar Hill State Park, Cedar Hill, TX
Berry Springs County Park & Preserve, Georgetown, TX
Hord’s Creek Lake Reservoir, Coleman TX
Avalon Reservoir, Carlsbad, NM

Aguirre Spring Recreation Area, Las Cruces, NM
City of Rocks State Park, Deming, NM
Gila National Forest, Silver City, NM
Organ Pipe National Monument, Ajo, AZ
BLM Land, Ehrenberg, AZ
Residence, Santa Barbara, CA
BLM land, Jawbone Canyon, Mojave, CA
Retail with Permission, Bishop, CA

Sherwin Creek Campground, Mammoth Lakes, CA
BLM land, Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA
BLM land, Volcanic Tablelands, Bishop, CA
Casino Parking Lot, Hoover Dam, NV
Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff, AZ
Kaibab National Forest, Williams, AZ
Bismarck Lake Trail, Humphreys Peak, Snowbowl, AZ
Kaibab National Forest, Bellemont, AZ

Mesa Verde National Park, Mancos, CO
BLM land, Leadville, CO
Retail with Permission, Grants, NM
BLM land, Pahrump, NV
Kaibab National Forest, Bellemont, AZ
Lake DeSmet County Park, Buffalo, WY
Residence, Gillette, WY
Kaibab National Forest, Bellemont, AZ
BLM land, Sedona, AZ

Elgin, OR
Sisters, OR
BLM land, Pahrump NV
Mayer, AZ
Deadhorse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, AZ
BLM land, Ehrenberg, AZ
Drydock, Quartzsite, AZ
BLM land, Ehrenberg, AZ

WOW, that is a LOT of miles, 11,186, according to the maps! The only way I could have done that was by traveling with friends, and it was because I was traveling with friends that I did so many miles! No wonder my health declined toward the end of the year. I need to slow it WAY down in 2017, AND, I would not have wanted to miss any of it. It is a bit of a conundrum for sure. My friends and I will get together over the next couple of months to lay out 2017 travel and camping plans. Stay tuned!


One of my viewers on YouTube recently posted this comment/question. It’s a good one, and my answer helps me explain how travel will change for me in 2017.

His Question:

Aren't you travelling with Robert Witham? Someone is always holding your camera and you have him in your credits as your editor. I don't call that alone as your making it sound. Am I missing something? I have CHF and diabetic, anxiety and a pacemaker with a defibrillator. I had planned to do this lifestyle but with all the med refills and my pacemaker defibrillator going off for a simple walk is very scary. You are very lucky to have a companion doing it with you."

My Answer:

First off, best wishes to you for a blessed and Happy New Year. I get that even simple walks can be scary, and I am proud of you for keeping on keeping on. KOKO!

And I get that my situation might be confusing. Let’s see if this helps. First, I want to be real clear that I have done NONE of this on my own. I would not be out here if it were not for the wonderful people in my life, Robert included. Yes, we have traveled together for awhile now while he gets his vehicle situation squared away, but we are really good FRIENDS, not companions. I live in my van. He lives in his trailer. He hopes to close on a van he found this week and we will end up traveling together a lot less, but this has definitely been a win-win situation for both of us. We have been planning a video where we interview each other about the experience. It should be a fun video that also answers some difficult and personal questions. I may throw this question of yours in the mix as well.

Before Robert, I traveled with a friend named Colvin. I have also traveled with Bob Wells, Kyndal and James Dimon, plus a couple of other friends. And I’ve camped with a myriad of people. This summer I hope to travel and camp with my friend Suanne. Right now I am camped with 5 friends, and of course my plans may change by the time RTR is over as I meet even more friends. So, while I may not always camp alone, I am doing it all in my van with my two dogs. I never mean to be disingenuous or misleading about anything.

Which leads me to the production and videography Robert does…. THANK YOU, ROBERT! The recent video where I ran out of propane is the first one I’ve done completely on my own. I shot that with my iPhone and was so proud of me! I am blessed by many friends in my life, and a good friend just gave me a tripod and a camera so I hope to be able to do many more on my own! THANK YOU ANON FRIEND! Robert has said he will teach me how to use the equipment, and will show me how to do the editing before we head different ways for the summer. I have no idea if I can learn it or not, and I certainly have no delusions about being able to maintain the caliber of editing and creativity Robert has done, but this YouTube channel is important to me and I sure am going to give it my best shot (pun intended).

Lastly, I just published a blog post that shows my routes and mileage for 2016. My total mileage for the year was approximately 11,186 miles. Of that, Robert and I rode together in my van (while pulling his trailer) for approximately 6,727 of those miles – primarily the miles were work related for him. For the remainder, I drove and camped completely by myself for a little over 3,000 miles, and for the remaining 1,462 miles I drove and camped with other friends, sans Robert.

Robert and I won’t be riding together once he finds a set of wheels he wants. I have my fingers crossed for him on the one he hopes to get this week – not because I don’t want to travel with him anymore, but because it is no fun being a nomad and being without wheels. This arrangement was never meant to be permanent, and we will always be friends. Hopefully we will camp and travel together often, and I can only hope that I will be blessed enough that we keep working together as much as possible too. We’ll just have to wait and see. After all, we’re nomads. There’s a saying out here, They come and they go. AND, it’s all good.

It seems to me that women often have to defend our existence as independent nomads. I rely a LOT on my friends, so I’m probably marginal, but I’ve seen it happen to strong, completely independent women too. Not once has anyone ever said to the guy in their camp, “Oh dude, you’re not doing the deal out here on your own. You’re traveling with her.” Now that’s funny right there.

KOKO my wonderful readers!

Please be sure and check out my YouTube Channel here:

Thank you! See you down the road!


  1. Sounds like you still have everything under control I'm glad to hear you are doing well and still have all your friends and that when those friends leave other friends will take their place Happy traveling this year

    1. Oh, Sandra, dear - if there is anything I have learned in my time on earth it is that I absolutely NEVER have anything under control. LOL. But I certainly do have great friends - even tho out here they come and the go. LOL. Thanks for the well wishes! Happy New Year to you and yours! xoxo


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